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Las Hadas Hotel Manzanillo´s International Icon

Las Hadas Hotel Manzanillo´s International Icon

Magical and magnificent place conceived in a superior dimension of light.

Located on the Pacific coast of Colima, this spectacular place was first discovered and envisioned by Antenor Patiño, a Bolivian millionaire, known as the “King of Tin”.
The story tells that one night Don Antenor Patiño had a magical dream in which he started to fly through a tunnel that would take him to the center of the Earth. In this foresight he was able to perceive with much detail a city where people dressed with fine cloth, mostly white. He dream of beautiful buildings with stunning curved towers and golden dome rooftops; cozy narrow roads easy to transit; fountains with figures carved in stone; and magnificent gardens everywhere.
He was also able to envision that inside the buildings its ornaments resembled Persia; with fine curtains, elegant furniture, and details of golden decorations. This city was located next to an ocean of quiet, crystal-clear waters.

Once Antenor Patiño discovered this place, he invited an outstanding Spanish architect, José Luis Ezquerra, with whom he shared his vision and every detail of his long sought reverie. Together they were able to make his dream come true, a paradise was born. Las Hadas continues to be Ezquerra´s biggest architectural work in Manzanillo, and allows him to be recognized internationally.
During ten long years (1964-1974) they worked on the creation of this marvelous project, investing more than thirty-three million dollars.
In March of 1974, the dream finally became a reality. To celebrate, the “King of Tin”, Antenor Patiño, offered a spectacular inauguration party, called “The White Gala”. Three hundred guests of the jet-set and the world aristocracy attended. Since then, Las Hadas has been known worldwide, and personalities from different countries have visited this magical place.
Las Hadas´ architecture of fine beauty and its unparalleled landscapes, have motivated famous filmmakers to create successful movies. Such is the case of “10”, starred by Bo Derek, produced in 1979.
I must highlight that this magical zone is guarded by two of the most beautiful fairies of the Greek Mythology: Melusina and Estérela. They welcome guests as they exit the arched tunnel on their way to the lobby. Some people affirm that during full moon nights they are able to see the sparkle of these beautiful fairies floating over the ocean. (Although this can be explained as the phosphorous effect caused by the disintegration of bones from ancient civilizations found at the bottom of the ocean)
Las Hadas has beautiful corners, small plazas, which invite us to talk, read, smile, and seal precious moments with a kiss.
The arches stretching towards the sky create unpredictable shapes, serene as Zen meditation. There is no doubt that Las Hadas´ exterior spaces are unique because they convey serenity, harmony and peace.
Las Hadas marked a “before and after” of Manzanillo´s Port, and the professional life of architect José Luis Ezquerra. It remains a proud icon of Manzanillo.



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